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World Airwaves and the Telework Consortium Enter a Cooperative Agreement on Next Generation Internet (IPv6) Network.

World Airwaves, Winchester, Va. (July, 12, 2006) World Airwaves, a leader in wireless Internet services and IPv6 development and deployment, and the Herndon, Va.-based Telework Consortium, an organization to discover, evaluate, and demonstrate software, hardware, and service to enable remote work and collaboration, have signed an agreement for joint efforts on the World Airwaves next generation Internet (IPv6) deployments. The World Airwaves wireless networks, and development based on the next generation Internet, or IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6), is a massive upgrade to the existing Internet standard (IPv4), which is over 30 years old. The DOD and all Federal government agencies now require IPv6 by 2008. World Airwaves is one of the leading IPv6 "Next Generation Internet" development groups in North America. Current IPv6 deployments include the first native IPv6 city-wide network In North America.

This first city provides both the perfect environment for development and testing of current and new devices and applications. "This next generation native IPv6 network will provide businesses and residents with secure and feature-rich abilities that are lacking in the current Internet Protocol" said Mark Bayliss, president of World Airwaves. "Applications such as those from the Telework Consortium will be essential for the Government and corporate Teleworkers. As the cost of fuel increases, so does the need for a secure IPv6 based Telework solution. "The Telework Consortium is excited about cooperating with World Airwaves in pilot demonstrations of their multimedia collaborative telework tools and services on these IPv6 networks" said William Mularie, Ph.D., chief executive officer of the Telework Consortium.

The promise of secure broadband communications on IPv6 networks for the mobile and home-based worker is central in addressing issues such as the high personal and public costs of commuting, continuity of operations (COOP), and economic development. World Airwaves is a Winchester, Va.-based wireless Internet provider, focused upon developing next generation innovative Fiber and wireless Internet solutions.

For more information, please visit, call 540-722-6705 or e-mail to The Telework Consortium, Inc. assists public agencies and private companies to plan and implement robust telework and distributed work programs. The organization discovers, evaluates, and demonstrates the field-ready hardware and software, management processes, infrastructure configurations, measurement techniques, and best practices that are likely to seek the early adoption of cost-effective, easy-to-use designs and technology for working and collaborating from remote locations. Located in Herndon, Va., the Consortium is a Virginia incorporated 501 (c) 3. To learn more, visit


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