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Bayliss Assists Security at RNC
Visual Link Owner Provides NYPD With Wearable Mobile Computers

By Tim Allen
The Winchester Star

With the Republican National Convention winding down tonight, one Winchester business owner can take heart that no major security problems have taken place.

Mark Bayliss, owner of Visual Link Inc. in Winchester, works with the New York Police Department last week to set up a mobile command center at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan prior to the Republican National Convention, which ends tonight.
(Photo Provided by Mark Bayliss)

Mark Bayliss, owner of Visual Link Inc. at 2308 Middle Road, is more than just concerned about the safety of the president and other GOP figures — his reputation is on the line.

Bayliss spent the latter part of last week equipping the New York City Police Department with wireless data equipment that allows instant communications via miniature computers that can be clipped to a belt.

“I got a call from one of our partner companies that specializes in software for police, asking if we could come up there and help set up the mobile command post inside Madison Square Garden for the Police Department,” Bayliss said.

Based on what he saw, Bayliss said, Fort Knox has got nothing on the RNC.

“That’s probably the most secure place in America right now,” he said. “Probably more secure than some of the most sensitive buildings in Washington.”

Bayliss said while he did not have to face much security scrutiny when he arrived prior to the convention, which began Monday, he had to provide his name and Social Security number a week in advance for background checks.

Despite the tight security, Bayliss said the mood was pleasant.

“Everyone was really nice — even the protesters were nice,” he said.

Bayliss said he also provided training for a few of the 400,000 New York police officers, but he was glad to leave before the mass of people started arriving on Sunday.

“We literally left at 12:05 a.m. [Sunday], just before the 250,000 people descended,” he said.

Bayliss is used to dealing with security and communications projects for large international organizations and governments, but this was by far the highest-profile event he has taken part in.

“As far as media attention is concerned, this is the biggest,” he said.

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