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Source: Intelligent Compression Technologies, Inc.

ICT's AcceleNet Provides High Speed Data for Police and First Responders. WorldAirWaves to Offer ITC’s AcceleNet to Accelerate Information to Police and First Responders

Washington, DC. April 16, 2004 (ISPcon) -- Intelligent Compression Technologies, Inc. (ICT) announced today that WorldAirWaves has signed a Licensing Agreement for ICT's acceleration product, AcceleNet(tm), to provide their accelerator for the Homeland Security market.

AcceleNet provides accelerated speeds and compressed data transfers on all wireless (2G, 2.5G and 3G) and satellite networks.  AcceleNet provides significantly faster download and upload speeds for email with attachments, web browsing and file transfer applications.
"We are delighted that WorldAirWaves has chosen ICT's AcceleNet as a supporting technology for their Police and Homeland Security Applications," said Michael Slygh, President of ICT.  "It is gratifying to be working with WorldAirWaves to deliver the premiere acceleration solution into the public safety and Homeland Security market." 

"WorldAirWaves’ goal is to help Police, First Responders and Homeland Security to be more efficient, by making everyday communication faster, helping to protect them by providing the data they need in real-time.  Increasing the speed that Police and First Responders receive information is a critical piece to both efficient law enforcement and saving lives.  “The application of this technology for use in the Police, First Responders and Homeland Security will allow applications and information to be shared in real time, not after the fact.  This will not only save time, but lives as well," said Mark Bayliss, President of WorldAirWaves.  The superior technology of AcceleNet enables us to enhance security, by providing truly ubiquitous access to mission critical data applications, regardless of the wireless or satellite medium. For more information on WorldAirWaves, a division of Visual Link Internet,

Intelligent Compression Technologies, Inc., a privately held company located in Quincy, MA, provides patented software compression and network acceleration products for the Communications, Internet, and Networking industries where data delivery speed over a relatively limited bandwidth is an issue.  ICT's AcceleNet(tm) product enables wide-area wireless networks (i.e. 2G) to operate at 56kbps modem-like speeds and next generation networks (i.e. 2.5G/3G) as well as Dial-Up 56kbps lines to operate at Broadband-like speeds, enabling fast remote access to Email with attachments, corporate applications, Intranets and the Web.  ICT also licenses compression software to OEMs, which dramatically shrinks Microsoft Office(tm) files, XML data and common web images to enable faster file transfers, software delivery and reduced storage capacity.  Visit
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